Fun Learning

Our teaching philosophy dictates that learning must be fun and intriguing because fun learning allows children to subliminally retain information and harness their 5 six senses.


Socializing is essential to learning. Thus, we provide your child with the environment where he or she is able to learn while socializing.


We emphasize on communication as a tool to give children a better learning experience, develop their intellectual skills and improve their academic performance.



He starts to become “WH” kid, every single thing he will ask when, where, why to fulfill his curiosity and the social skill has improved a lot. He improved tremendously in his abilities to read, count and communicate.By the way, everyday he tells me that he has “so much fun in school” and that is all thanks to all the teachers. I really appreciate it. Thank you.left

- Siti Fatimah (Mother of Adrieyl, age 4)


I appreciate the constant interaction between the teachers and the parents. Johara has grown so much since she has been there. I could not be more thrilled with the progress that Johara has made in the shortest  time she has attended BBI. It is great to see teachers who are passionate about what they do. The end result speaks for itself everyday through my child (Nik Johara Arissa, age 5).left

- Norarina

leftBBI provides a caring and supportive environment perfect for my eldest son who is quite an introvert child. One of the practices that I like here is that the small group of children will start the morning by telling the class what they did the day before. This nurture confidence in public speaking at young age and it has definitely help my son to overcome his shyness to speak up.

The Discovery Education program that the school embark on is new to Asian parent like me, especially so when their homework revolves around “watching I-pad”. But it shows that the school is committed to move along with time and most importantly making learning enjoyable and informative. Instead of playing games or watching YouTube on I-pad, my son and I now watches educational video on the ground of “doing homework”.

Ezekiell enjoys school very much that sometimes he asked if I could pick him up after dinner.left

- Raja Zurinna Raja Adam